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Paint is a quick and effective way to change the appearance of a property or surface. You will need to ensure that all of the painting work is handled properly, and the painting experts that you can trust for this is ours here at Franklin Brentwood Painters. We are the leading professionals in the region with budget-friendly prices.

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Our team is always there for you, and we are going to ensure that we provide you with timely solutions that we have been able to master throughout our many years of service. We know that paint can make a major difference in how you feel in your property, and our commitment to the work that we do is reflected in the exceptional quality outcomes that we provide.

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We provide quality interior and exterior painting services throughout Franklin & Brentwood.

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Painting FAQ

Two coats is the minimum you should apply to any wall or ceiling that you plan on painting. It is unlikely that you will achieve a seamless finish with only one coat of paint.

Because of daily wear and tear, some walls need to be painted more often than others. If you only use your formal dining room for a few times per year, such as during holidays, then you won't have to paint them as often as the ones in your kitchen, hallways or bathroom.  Often used rooms should be painted every 2-3 years and rooms not used as frequently every 5-7 years to keep them looking fresh and new.

You should repaint your ceilings at least every ten years, but it's a good idea to repaint them any time you repaint your walls.

You might be surprised to learn that interior painting is possible in the winter months. The paint dries faster and more effectively in winter because there is less humidity. 

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Contact us or fill out our online form for your Free No-Obligation quote on your Franklin TN project. As the top painting contractors in the area, we pride ourselves in being able to show off our excellent painting work, as well as drywall repair, wood staining, or floor coating. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly customer care specialists will be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can. Contact us to find out more about the work that we offer in TN, Nashville, and surrounding areas and to see how we can assist you. We will provide you with all of the information that you need and will answer any questions that you may have. Let us assist you achieve in achieving the 5 star rating service that you want without breaking your budget. We also highly recommend our friends at Kamloops Painting